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  • RoboCup team arrives back from China

    RoboCup team arrives back from China

    23rd July 2015

    After several days of competition in the RoboCup Junior World Championship, our team is ranked 9th in the world. The overall winners in our category were team "Blizzard" from the host nation. Our final day in Hefei, China involved some sightseeing around the city and a very long and arduous journey home involving three flights. This journey is yet to be completed by our checked in luggage! Read More

  • Year 7 & 8 French trip

    Year 7 & 8 French trip

    20th July 2015

    A group of forty students from Years 7 and 8 recently returned from an amazing trip to France. It was an action-packed trip involving travels to Disneyland, the town of Bayeux, Chocolaterie Drakkar, a chocolate factory and Chevrerie du Mesnil, a goat farm which made cheese from the goat’s milk. The students had a chance to try the chocolates and cheeses, which were a big hit. The students also tested their French with the locals at the markets in Bayeux. Read More

  • RoboCup team in China

    RoboCup team in China

    19th July 2015

    The College RoboCup team sends greetings from Hefei, China! After recovering from a gruelling set of flights to reach the city of Hefei, the team has now settled into the tournament timetable, with regular matches against teams from around the world. Read More

  • Year 5 Leadership Day in Science

    Year 5 Leadership Day in Science

    14th July 2015

    Year 5 pupils from several schools visited the College to take part in various activities run by a number of subject areas. In Science, pupils took part in a variety of practicals and demonstrations under the theme of Rainbows. They made up cardboard discs composed of the rainbow spectrum of colours which, when spun quickly, joined together to make white light. They used chromatography to separate the colours in black ink. Read More

  • A Level Biology fieldwork in Birkenhead Park

    A Level Biology fieldwork in Birkenhead Park

    13th July 2015

    As part of the Ecology section of their A level Biology course, year 12 students went to Birkenhead Park this term. With the help of the Park Ranger Service, the students investigated how the species composition of plant communities is affected by such factors as frequency of mowing or the presence of trees. They will be returning in September to investigate the animal communities in the pond and lakes. Read More