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The Careers Department provides impartial information, advice, guidance and support for all students at St. Anselm’s College. The aim is to empower students to reach well-informed, reasoned decisions about their future education, training and occupations.

The employment market is changing in ways that makes it more important than ever for students to take personal responsibility for managing their own career development throughout life. For this they need to develop the skills to manage their own career including the abilities to reflect and review, to plan and make decisions, to use information resources effectively, to create and to take opportunities.  Through Careers Education all students are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to manage their own learning:

Self Development

• evaluate themselves honestly and realistically
• match personal skills, abilities and interests to careers aspirations

Career Exploration

• find out about opportunities and progression routes, including entry requirements, skills, qualities and the experience required

Career Management

• decision making
• reviewing progress
• goal and target setting
• making applications

These skills are developed in many ways across all key stages via; PSHE lessons, Annual Careers Convention, visiting speakers, practice interviews, conferences such as the HE day, and work experience.

Please download the 'useful weblinks' document to the left of the screen where you will find a vast network of help, guidance and support.

Drop in sessions take place each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime in the Careers Library.