Robotics Club

The Robotics Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about programming and engineering in an applied context. Club members work in teams to design and build autonomous machines to perform various tasks and challenges. There is also the opportunity to audition for a place in the College's RoboCup Teams.

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What is RoboCup?

RoboCupJunior offers challenges based on Soccer, Dance and Rescue emphasising both cooperation and competition. It is part of the RoboCup Federation, which includes universities from around the world. Their aim is to promote robotics and artificial intelligence by setting the long term goal of developing a humanoid robot team that is capable of beating the human World Cup winning football team by mid-21st century.

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St Anselm's College RoboCup Teams

The St Anselm’s College RoboCup teams have competed for a number of years in two events of the international RoboCup competition: Soccer and Rescue.

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We have frequently represented the school in the UK National Finals, and have represented the United Kingdom in the RoboCup Junior World Championships in Austria, Singapore and Mexico. 

After gladly receiving a recent donation of tools and parts from RS Components, the team are commencing building of robots for RoboCup 2014. If successful in qualifying at the UK National Final, the World Championship will be in Brazil.

Our Sponsors

We would like to acknowledge the support and sponsorship provided for our teams by the following organisations:

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