German Exchange to Nuremburg - December 7th - 11th 2014

On Sunday 7th December we flew out to Munich and a train to Nuremburg. We stayed in Jugendherberge until Thursday 11th December.

Christopher Wong 8G

On Monday we went to our partner school, Peter-Vischer Schule. We took part in lessons including English, German and Maths. After school we did a town treasure hunt with our partners, after which we went for a meal in a traditional German restaurant; Bratwurst Röslein. I had German Bratwurst and potato salad (Kartoffel Salat).

Jackson Sloan 8P
On Tuesday we went to the underground cellars of Nuremberg; die Felsegänge. This told us the history of the cellars. The cellars were used as air raid shelters in the war but originally constructed to build breweries. After the Felsegange we went to the castle. In the castle we learnt about the three wells which still have water in them. We also went up the tower and could see over all of Nuremberg. Afterwards we walked to the toy museum where we had to work through a worksheet with our German partners. When we had finished the worksheet we had free time together around the Christmas markets. In the evening we went to Peter-Vischer Schule for pizza. 

Nathan Kirby 10P

On the fourth day, which was Wednesday 10th December, it was the last day that we would see the Germans until March 2015. To start the day we were tasked with the laborious effort of waking early, as we were set to visit Peter Vischer Schule once again. Overall this second visit was seen as thoroughly interesting for the English students because it gave further insight to the weird and wonderful world of the German education system. After what was the last German school visit of the exchange, partners ventured around the city of Nuremburg together for eight hours visiting the German families, restaurants and even (in one case) watching an Ice hockey match!

On Thursday morning we left the hostel early and got the train to Munich, where we had free time around the city, visiting more Christmas Markets. After we went to the Allianz arena and had a tour of the grounds, went in the changing rooms and the stands. Then we had more free time to spend our last few euros before the flight home.

If I got the option to do it again, I definitely would. Throughout our stay in Germany we used the German we had learnt in the classroom and we learnt new German words from our German friends. In summary, this was a great trip and we look forward to seeing our partners again in March!