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French Exchange 2017

The final week of last half term saw the return leg of the French exchange. The Fenelon Sainte Marie students arrived at Liverpool airport on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning to be greeted by some nervous yet excited faces. The Parisians were treated to a glorious weekend hosted by their partners, visiting the tourist attractions in and around the North West. 

The week culminated in a soirée at The Ridings which saw a muddy England vs France game of football. In the interest of post-Brexit relations, we'll call it a draw! Pizza was consumed, tunes were 'dropped' and Daniel Davies (Y12) enterained us with his songs.

Running an exchange is by no means easy and requires much more parental support than the usual European trip. The boys and I are extremely blessed to have parents that are willing to be so involved and want their sons to have a rich and cultural education. Merci to all the support staff, Mrs Meadows and Mr Leadsom for helping to facilitate the exchange. 

A l'année prochaine! 

Miss E. D'Anna 
Head of French