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Recent MFL activities

In June last year the College received notification that our application to Erasmus+ had been successful. The application was to fund 27 'mobilities' (Anselmian staff) to take part in week long language immersion courses in Germany, Spain, France and Italy before August 2018. So on the 2nd April,12 members of staff travelled to Santander in the north of Spain. 

Our Anselmian Ambassadors ranged from complete beginners to Spanish teachers who took full advantage of the language lessons and cultural opportunities, such as food tasting (churros con chocolate), sightseeing in Santillana del Mar and even Flamenco dancing lessons! The language lessons were tailored to individual learners, allowing us to be stretched and challenged throughout the week. We also had time together as a group which proved to be extremely fruitful for ideas on how to make languages more prominent and prevalent around the College and in our local community. 

The highlight of the week, for me, without question was meeting Colegio CastroVerde school: http://www.colegiocastroverde.com 
The link teacher there, Mrs Mary Finbow, had gone to great lengths to get her students to prepare a presentation and various videos to introduce the school. The students were the equivalent to our Year 11 and were very enthusiastic. They also gave us a tour of their favourite places in Santander and were delightful tour guides. They were equally delighted with the video that the Year 7, Year 10 and Year 12 boys had produced so that they could have an insight into life at St Anselm's: https://youtu.be/_WfzVwJ_fqI The Headteacher, Isabelle, is very keen to set up a link with the College, so we are initially going to start with some classroom video calls before hopefully having a group come to visit us at the start of next academic year and hopefully take a group to Spain. 

Subsequent to our first language themed event earlier this academic year, the German Oktoberfest, with the wonderful support from FOSA, we will be continuing with a French Bastille Day party on the 14th July and more Spanish and Italian events next year. 

Hasta luego!

Senorita D'Anna