Year 9 Rugby Tour - Italy 2018

The Year 9 rugby team have now returned home from their successful tour to northern Italy. A light training session on the first day at the sun-drenched Lido di Jesolo beach was followed by a cultural trip to the canals of Venice on Friday.
The real action began at 9am on Saturday, however, with the first day of the 27th Trofeo Topolino tournament in Treviso, hosted by Benetton Rugby Club. Despite a valiant effort, the team lost their first game by 2 tries against a very strong Modena side, who went on to compete in the final of the competition. However, determined to show the Italian crowd what they are made of, the team picked themselves up and won their next three matches, scoring over 13 tries whilst conceding none. All 22 players contributed brilliantly in these games, with impressive organisation and tackling complimenting some fantastic tries scored by ten different players.
Finishing 2nd in the Saturday group, St Anselm’s played two further matches on Sunday, winning their first game thanks to a last-minute Jake Gahan try, and drawing their second against the home team Paese. Overall, the team played six games: winning four, drawing one and losing one. This record should not be underestimated as the games were played in sweltering conditions and in unfamiliar surroundings.
This really was an excellent 22-man effort as the boys represented the College superbly both on and off the field. Whilst locals complimented the team on their performances at the tournament, they also commented on how well they behaved off it as they appeared to bond very well together, something which will stand them in good stead in the seasons to come.
Whilst Joel Ashton, Jake Gahan, Obi Callaghan and Johnny Light may have won individual awards from the coaches, all 22 players should be proud of their achievements in the tiring, yet hugely beneficial 4-day tour.
Tour squad:
Joel Ashton, Jacob Malkin, George Hassall, Tom Whiteley, Will Clayton, Jim Cowan, James Fitzgibbon, Tom Hayley, Jack Paziuk, Jake Gahan, Alfie Whisker, Obi Callaghan, Leon Firth, Tom Halewood, Anthony Forsyth, Johnny Light, Alex Whaley, Joe Cragg-James, Sam Johnston, Chim Onyeoji, Clayton Holsgrove, Kieran Sherlock.