Wirral FUSS - Free Uniform for Secondary School

As we approach the end of the academic year, you might find you have some unwanted items of school uniform.
Did you know, these can be donated to Wirral FUSS - Free Uniform for Secondary School?

Wirral FUSS works to encourage the free distribution of school uniforms for re-use by families, without judgement of circumstances.  Wirral FUSS aims to follow the Christian principles of compassion, integrity, kindness and care; demonstrating faith-in-action – God’s love for all.

You can donate items by handing them in to St Anselm’s College Reception Office.



DON'T FORGET....     If you have school uniform your child no longer needs,

OR....     If you are looking for FREE recycled school uniform for them,

Wirral FUSS & FUPS (Free Uniform for Secondary and Primary School) is here to help.

Visit our website - www.wirralfuss.co.uk - for details of how to donate or make requests,

the opening times of our Hubs and our contact details. We will try to help if we can.

Wirral FUSS and FUPS is a voluntary organisation supported by the Methodist Churches in Wirral.

Thank you and kind regards,

Andy Kemp

(Wirral FUSS & FUPS Development Coordinator)