Silver/Gold D of E Practice Expedition

Once again we managed to pick the best of the weather to go on our expedition. This time we headed to the hills above Derwent Water in the Lake District. Compared to Bronze the terrain was much more rugged and mountainous. The boys seemed to relish this challenge and enjoyed some spectacular views from the summits. The Silver group spent their first night at a campsite whilst the Gold group wild camped down the scenic Langstrath valley, unaccompanied. We awoke to frost on our tents, though this meant the morning was crisp and perfect for walking. The remaining days were spent walking over the fells to and around the Langdale valley. As ever the boys’ behaviour was generally excellent and we look forward to taking this group to their final expedition in 2019.
Thanks to Mrs Rawsthorne (retired in name only), Miss Browning and old boy Alex Parr for their help and most of all good company.