Denominational (Diocesan) Inspection 25th-26th March

Dear parents and carers,

On Monday and Tuesday next week, 25th & 26th March, we are being inspected by the Diocesan Inspection team. All Catholic schools are subject to denominational inspection at least once every 5 years and it is 5 years since our last one! They will inspect the Catholic Life of the College, Religious Education and Collective Worship, and make a judgement in each of these key areas and an overall effectiveness judgement. They will be visiting RE lessons and acts of Collective Worship, such as Assemblies and Form Time prayer, but no other lessons. They will also interview groups of pupils, largely selected at random. I can assure you that your sons' education will not be disrupted.

The Inspectors request parents to complete their Parental Questionnaire which will be brought home to you by your son today or tomorrow. Please ask him to give it to you, or check his school bag! Please return the Questionnaire to the Inspectors at the College, via your son, in the envelope provided. Your envelope will be sealed by you and we will not have access to it. We will simply collect the envelopes from the boys at Form Time and pass them on to the Inspectors. They can be returned before Monday. Your sons will also be completing the student questionnaires this week in Form Time.

The Diocese does not have the facility to receive emailed responses during inspections and prefer hard copies in sealed envelopes to ensure parental confidentiality.

We know from our self-evaluation that we enjoy tremendous parental support, including for our provision of religious education. The College needs you to make this clear to the Inspectors, so please return your questionnaire!

I attach the official notice of inspection from our Chair of Governors Mr John Greaves.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Duggan