Denominational Report 2019


Dear parents,

as you are aware the College was inspected last month by the Diocese of Shrewsbury. I am delighted to inform you that the inspectors judged the College to be "a good Catholic school with many outstanding features." They judged both the Catholic Life of the College and Collective Worship to be outstanding. As with any inspection the Report identifies a handful of areas that we might improve further to secure the "Outstanding" judgement that is clearly within our reach.

The inspectors were delighted to receive nearly 300 parental survey replies, which they said was unprecedented, that were overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the College. We thank you for your support which undoubtedly contributed to this favourable judgement.

We are due to be inspected by Ofsted this term as it is nearly 30 months since our previous inspection. We approach this with cautious optimism and will be greatly assisted by a similar parental response.

With sincere thanks,
Simon Duggan