ERth Summit – 30th September-2nd October

On Thursday two of our students. Tom and Harvey, took part in a Virtual Conference over 3 days discussing the ever-growing important topic of climate change. The ERth summit was a gathering of 2 citizens from all 193 nations of the world to produce a statement to be read out in the forthcoming COP26 Conference in Glasgow.  

The Conference was addressed by members from Edmund Rice International, various government officials and Ms. Deidre Boyd. This summit aimed to talk about the problems we are facing in our nations due to climate change; such as waste, air pollution and littering. Delegates were then tasked with compiling a list of commitments to reduce our carbon footprint.  

This was a great opportunity to connect with young people from all over the world and a great start to an amazing project, one that can hopefully change the world for the better. 

Miss Baines