Get into Nuclear

Links to Industry - Nuclear, Energy, Defence, Medicine and Decommissioning

Some of our Year 11 and Year13s attended a ‘Get into Nuclear’ workshop which gave them an overview of the Nuclear Industry, Pathways in to the sector including the range of jobs and opportunities which links to a range of different subject. Nuclear is one of the fastest growing industries and employs 70,000 people and will grow to 105,000 in the coming years.

Ever wondered about how to get in to Nuclear?

The Discovery workshop was led by an expert who currently undertakes programme management in this sector.

The workshop included:

  • The range of jobs, pathways and how their skills can be transferred to this industry.
  • Industry Overview -What is Nuclear?
  • How to discover a career in Nuclear?
  • Where will the subject take me and what type of skills do I need?
  • Can I undertake an Apprenticeship or Degree in Nuclear Sector?

Ms S Hanlon