Warhammer Schools Alliance Competition June 2019

On June 27th our Warhammer Club headed over to Nottingham for the School’s Alliance competition. The game played was Warhammer Age of Sigmar, a descendant of Tolkienesque fantasy played using plastic miniatures and lots of dice. These armies are then painted, adding interest to the hobby. Most other schools were vastly more experienced and older than our students. Nevertheless, they fought a valiant rear-guard campaign and managed to win some matches. Despite not taking home any trophies, as always the boys did the College proud with their conduct and behaviour. Hopefully they will come back stronger and more inspired next year. Congratulations to Finn Lambert who finished highest out of our boys with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Arguably the highlight of the day (not including stops at well know fast food restaurants) was the visit to the Warhammer World exhibitions. Put simply, for fans of fantasy, modelling or science fiction this was paradise. It was difficult to move them away from the huge diorama centrepiece, The Battle of Angelus Prime, containing thousands of models and a hidden assassin!

Thank you to Games Workshop for providing this event for free and Mr Harrison for his navigational skills and wealth of lore knowledge!

Mr Gott