Year 7 Retreat

On Friday 20th September, as Year 6's joined us on site to sit their entrance exams, our current Year 7's set off on their St Anselm's Welcome Retreat.

The aim of the day was to allow the boys to get to know each other outside of the College setting, and to reflect upon the importance of the Christian faith element of our community which they have joined.

As we lined up on the yard before travelling to the historic city of Chester, we were greeted with some unexpected September sunshine which thankfully stayed with us for the day.

Upon arrival at Chester Cathedral the boys where split into small groups to take part in a variety of activities. They were taken on a tour of the Cathedral; they experienced the impressive architecture and features of the Cathedral, as well as the Lego model of the Cathedral, which, although more modern, is nevertheless impressive.  The boys took part in workshops on Calligraphy, Stained glass Windows and Mosaics, each completing their own artistic interpretations of what they saw around them.

The Cathedral staff and volunteers were very complimentary about our pupils’ behaviour during our visit. Members of the public approached our staff to praise the boys’ manners and general attitude around the Cathedral. We were immensely proud of how well our Year 7 pupils embraced the opportunities provided during the retreat and on their conduct.  They were wonderful representatives of the College and we thank them for their enthusiasm.  We would also like to thank the staff who gave their time to accompany the pupils and the RE Faculty for organising the day, all of which enabled the Retreat to be such a success.

Miss R. Monk