Expectations for Students in College from Monday 23

Expectations for Students in College from Monday 23.03.20


  • Attend College in full school uniform
  • Report to reception at 9am and sign in and sign out at reception again at 3.30pm
  • There will be no provision for students before 9am or after 3.30pm – parents are responsible for students before 9am and after 3.30pm
  • If a student will not be attending on a given day -parents must phone the office and inform the College asap
  • Students must follow the College code of conduct
  • Students must come fully prepared for their lessons for that day, they must bring all necessary books, stationary, calculator and follow the work set by their teachers on SMHW
  • Students may be given a tablet to view SMHW if they do not have access to it on their phone
  • Students must bring a water bottle and packed lunch
  • If a student requires specific medication the office must be informed of this beforehand by a parent/carer
  • Students must not enter any ‘Restricted zones’ especially at break times – these will be carefully pointed out to all students
  • Any student failing to follow College rules and expectations will be dealt with by the discretion of the SLT this may include sending the student home.  Parents/carers will be expected to come to collect their son if this is the case.
  • Any student displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend College for 14 days