Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice Tuesday 5th May

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"Covid-19 a “Kairos” moment?"

A creative response to the Coronavirus Pandemic



The word ‘crisis’ derives from the Greek ‘krises, but the biblical Greek has richer meanings than its English derivation. It refers to a time of judgment and decision-making, a time of separation and discrimination when we must choose between life and death, good and bad. We might associate it with the biblical concept of ‘kairos,’ referring to a time out of time that constitutes a rare moment of opportunity and the potential for transformation. This time of ‘krises’ is a kairos moment. It may never be repeated. In all the dark mystery of suffering and death, coronavirus might yet prove to be the wakeup call that saved the planet. ‘See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.’ (Deut. 30:15). This may be our very last opportunity to choose life and prosperity for future generations. I hope and pray that we choose well.

from “On Praying in a Pandemic”

Tina Beattie (Professor of Catholic Studies, University of Roehampton, London)