Year 10 Parental Consultation

Dear Year 10 Parents,


I hope that you and our families are well. We are currently planning the return of Year 10 to some "face to face on-site support", in line with DfE Secondary Guidance, after 15th June. Mr Dowse has emailed you today with further details. I must emphasise that most Year 10 teaching this term will continue to be delivered remotely.

I am therefore formally consulting you about the College Risk Assessment and Action Plan which have been completed in order to ensure safe provision on-site for your sons. Both documents are on the College website, displayed under the headline "Risk Assessment and Action Plan" and "Year 10 Parental Consultation". Please send me any questions, concerns or observations by 4pm on Wednesday 17th June.


I wish you and your sons an enjoyable weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Duggan