Headmaster's Message to parents 19th June

Dear parents and students,
I hope that you remain in good health and have had a productive week. I am pleased to report that we have completed our first week of on-site teaching and learning since lockdown began, with Year 12, and the experiment has proved successful. Our Health and Safety precautions appear to be effective.
Next week Year 10 will join us on the College site for taught lessons in core subjects, 1 Form per day with 2 smaller Forms on Friday.
Year 12 will return to remote learning for a week before returning on site during the week commencing 29th June.
The sons of essential workers will continue their provision on site, as before.
We are not yet in a position to offer on site teaching and learning to Years 7, 8 and 9, in line with DfE guidelines, but will continue to set work and teach using Show My Homework and Microsoft Teams. We are currently developing ideas for varying the curriculum diet for Years 7-9 for the remainder of the term. We have not forgotten you boys!
I wish you all an enjoyable weekend, and hope that the wet weather will relent. At least we have some football to look forward to on Sunday evening!
Yours in Christ,
Simon Duggan