Headmaster’s Message Friday 26th June

Dear parents and students,


It has certainly been a remarkable week for weather and an unforgettable one if you are a Liverpool fan. I promise our Blues not to say any more on that score for the time being!


Our experiment with blended learning for Years 12 and 10 has proved successful and will continue for the rest of the term. I congratulate the boys upon their mature response and engagement with our teaching, both online and on site.


Next week, commencing Monday 29th June, will see Year 12 return for a subject timetable on site. Miss Baines has sent the details of the timetable and subject sessions to Year 12 parents. Students should only attend when they have a lesson or appointment. The buses will run as usual. If the week proves successful they will continue their onsite learning during the week beginning 6th July. I also alert you to Dr Cooper’s virtual Higher Education Evening meeting on Thursday 2nd July from 6.30pm.


Year 10 return to remote learning at home next week to build upon this week’s efforts in their core subjects. They will return to College during the week commencing 6th July for more classes in the 6 core subjects.


Years 7 and 8 engaged well during their Assessment Week and will receive the results from next week onwards after which we will be sending out our Year 9 Report cards, following the recent Year 9 Assessments. We are seeking to develop strategies to enrich the curriculum for the rest of the year. I give you advance notice of the Y7-9 virtual Careers Day from 9am on 7th July.  Do look out for Mr Edwards’ email regarding the Walk Challenge between 29th June and 10th July as we seek, as a community, to cover a distance equal to the 13,329km round trip between the College and Makeni in Sierra Leone, visited by our Year 13 Immersion Retreat Group in February.


We are planning our provision for the 6th Form and GCSE Results Days in August and will formally notify parents and students in due course. They are likely to differ from the usual model, but the exact details will be dictated by public health considerations and advice during the summer.


I wish you all a relaxing weekend,

Best wishes,

Simon Duggan