Key Stage 3 On-line Careers Day

Labour market predictions suggest that as many as 25% of the boys currently in Year 8, will eventually be involved in occupations the do not exist today. That prediction was made in 2018, before the current Covid-19 situation had a seismic effect on our daily lives and our working lives in particular. The number of people working from home for more than 50% of their time exceeded one million in 2016. The pandemic has forced new working patterns on so many employers and employees that many unsurprisingly, have realised the benefits of the imposed circumstances.

Careers Education, Information and Guidance provision for our boys is still mandatory and in order to fulfil College expectations, an on-line careers, further and higher education event was organised with the tremendous assistance of our Career Connect advisor, Kim Dickson and Karen Forman, Schools and Colleges Account Manager, Student Recruitment and Admissions at Liverpool John Moore’s University.

The event began with a reminder of the Start Profile system that all pupils have enrolled in. Our first visiting speaker, Vincent Ford gave an address “Astrophysics, the journey through space, have you ever wondered what’s in space?”

Vincent was followed by Graeme Mitchelle, who gave a fascinating insight into Public and Environmental Health and Pandemics, which could hardly have been more appropriate. As expected, our boys responded with plenty of incisive questions. Our next guest presenter was Patrick Riley, a PhD Researcher in Applied Mathematics at Liverpool John Moore’s University. He explained how data is used and just as importantly, how it is presented correctly and incorrectly. He also explained that data handling and presentation had become a vital industry in its own right.

The final session was an engineering challenge set by Engineering student ambassadors, Efe Otobrise and Kingsley Madubuike. The pupils were challenged to build a structure that would fit on a piece of A4 paper and hold the weight if a tin of baked beans. There were several criteria to make the task interesting, such as the structure had to withstand earthquakes and be built from household items and paper. The boys did not disappoint and a range of weird and wonderful adaptations were hastily constructed.

Huge thanks go to all the LJMU student ambassador who performed brilliantly. Their contribution is truly appreciated. Finally, well done to the day’s prize winners, Thomas Ridley in Year 7, Ellis Macdonald in Year 8 and Rueben Crouwel-Welburn in Year 9.

Graeme Mitchelle

Graeme Mitchelle demystifying Public Health and Pandemics



The Careers staff made this innovative structure fashioned from sticky tape and obsolete ICT posters to support a can of broccoli and stilton soup. It was deemed useless by the judges because it was entirely unsuitable in an earthquake.



Robert Talbot in 8G went for a much sturdier design….


Kitchen sink

… and Thomas Jones of 9M used everything but the kitchen sink in his design.