Headmaster's Message Sept. 2020

Dear parents and Anselmian students,

I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer and write to remind you of our arrangements for the full opening of the College at the start of term and the beginning of the Academic Year 2020-21. Please see the “Information for Students September 2020” on the College website.

We will be re-opening this week in line with DfE guidance with a strong focus upon social distancing and good hygiene to keep our students and staff as safe as possible. Students will need to wear face coverings if they are travelling on public transport, including the 611 and 612 buses, and on College buses to the Games Fields, although they will not need to wear face masks in class. Face coverings are not compulsory in corridors and communal areas, although we encourage students to wear them for public health reasons and their own protection. We will continue to monitor public health advice in this respect. Face masks should be plain and not contain pictures, images etc.

Mersey Travel has advised us that there will be increased public transport services to assist the return to school although we have not been informed of any increased capacity on the 611 and 612 bus routes, which means that they can only pick up passengers until they are full. We advise students living within 3 miles of the College to make alternative travel arrangements as a place on these buses cannot be guaranteed by the College. We fully support the  DfE campaign encouraging boys to walk or cycle to school and parents might consider dropping their sons off at the College if they are able to do so as there will be pressure on bus services where social distancing is difficult to maintain. Please ensure that you park in an adjoining road as Egerton Road is busy at the beginning and end of the College day.

Year 13 students have Exams in the Gym from Wednesday to Friday this week. Their timetable is on the College website.

On Thursday 3rd September Years 7, 9 and 12 have an Induction Day from 8.40 am until 3.30pm. They will not be in College on Friday but will return full-time on Monday 7th September.

On Friday 4th September Years 8, 10 and 11 will have their Induction Day. They will not be in College prior to this.

All Year groups will be in College full time from Monday 7th September.

We are greatly looking forward to the safe return of your sons to the College. The start and end of the College Day will remain the same but we will be implementing staggered break and lunchtimes to facilitate social distancing.

Yours in Christ,

Simon Duggan