Headmaster's message 18th September 2020

Dear Parents
I hope that you and your families are well and that the impact of the pandemic is not causing you distress.  If it is we will do our best to support you and your sons.
I am pleased to report that our students have responded well to our requirement for students to wear face coverings in communal indoor areas on the College site.  This is now a requirement at all secondary schools in Wirral, see letter from Julie Webster, Director of Public Health in Wirral, on the College website.  It is also now a requirement that any parents dropping off or collecting students should wear a face covering if they enter the College site.  You will notice that senior staff on Gate and Bus Duty are doing the same.  We must continue to emphasise that these precautions do not in any way preclude the need for all members of the College community to observe social distancing of 2 metres wherever possible.
We have received further advice from Public Health Wirral regarding the wearing of face coverings and masks.  Boys travelling on buses and public transport need to wear a mask on their journey and have another one, for hygiene reasons, in a small plastic bag to be worn in communal indoor areas around the site.  All disposable masks must be jettisoned after a day’s use and other, more permanent, coverings washed after use.  Boys not travelling by public transport can use the same mask or covering throughout the day.  Some boys inevitably forget their masks but these are now a basic requirement in public.  We will be happy provide disposable masks to boys but will charge 10p for each one in order to cover costs.
We have sent out via our social media the most up-to-date advice regarding the decisions parents make when students have suspected Corona Virus symptoms or other viral signs.  Parents have been very responsible and supportive in making decisions as to whether to send their sons to College or keep them at home.  If he exhibits the Corona Virus symptoms of a fever, a new persistent cough, fatigue, loss of appetite or possibly a loss of taste and smell you should keep him at home. If he is unwell with the typical symptoms of a common cold including a sore throat and sneezing, he probably does not have Covid-19 but should be kept off in order to recover and avoid undermining the health of other pupils and staff.  Please see our website for an easy-to-use guide.
We request you to send all Covid-related emails to covid-info@st-anselms.com including notification of a positive test result for any member of your household.
Please continue to see our social media including the College website for our latest updates.  We request all of you to follow national and local guidelines regarding social distancing, including the “Rule of 6” in order to enable the College to remain open to all our students so that we can avoid the need to send bubbles or whole Year groups home.  We have made a good start to the Academic Year and wish to maintain it.
Yours sincerely
R S Duggan