Headmaster's Message 9th October

Dear parents,

I hope that you and your families are well and managing in our difficult local circumstances. I am taking this opportunity to remind you that Tuesday 13th October is a College INSET Day. The College will be closed to ALL students who should take the opportunity to ensure that they have completed all assignments and learning tasks to date.

We had previously intended that Years 11 and 13 would continue to follow their timetables in College on Tuesday. However, monitoring of students and staff, and recent confirmed Covid cases in both years, have convinced us that a day's rest and respite would be beneficial for both students and staff and assist us in making the best of teaching and learning prior to Half-term, which is still a fortnight away. It might be that we will re-instate this plan on a future INSET Day. From our attendance figures, above 90%, and small number of positive Covid tests, 1 per week on average, it appears that our precautions are working well. However, based upon the experience of other Wirral schools, we know that we have been fortunate. 

The Leadership of the College believe that this pause will provide a welcome opportunity for all members of our community to have a deserved rest and return refreshed on Wednesday 14th October.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this relatively late notice. In a pandemic one has to take decisive action when required. All the boys affected by this change are aged 15 plus and can legally be left alone at home. They have plenty of academic challenges to occupy them.

We are holding our annual Governors' Entrance Examination for boys in Year 6 on Tuesday so we will be busy as usual and most definitely not on holiday.

I wish you and your families a relaxing weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Duggan