Mini Dash - 2020

On Friday 13th November a group of Year 10 students represented the College at Mini Dash, while Mr Duggan attended the DASH Meeting (Diocesan Association of Secondary Head Teachers). At Mini DASH students from schools in Shrewsbury Diocese meet to participate in activities and reflections activities to develop a deeper understanding of our faith and how it relates to society and the world. Usually we would travel to another school, however due to the current circumstances we joined together on a zoom call where we took part in 3 different tasks. The first task was to create a poster that summarised what we thought was important to take back to our peers after the session. The second task was to make pots out of clay to reflect ideas of faith, to which everyone enjoyed applying themselves. The final task was to present our clay pots, posters and key ideas to the Head Teachers to demonstrate our understanding and the development of our ideas. 
(Tom & Harvey 10K)