Parental take on Remote Learning fao DfE

To whom it may concern 
As per the instruction of the Education Secretary who told parents to contact Ofsted if they have any complaints about the provision of education during lockdown. I do indeed have a complaint. My son's school and teaching staff, St Anselms, are way too organised and dedicated to their role as educators. Frankly, this makes me feel inadequate in my organising skills as a parent and feel woefully less than adequate at providing my son with the support he requires. I outline why below.
1. With each lockdown they have clearly worked outside of their normal working hours to ensure that the boys had learning in place from day one of each lockdown. Lessons are organised as per the pupils' normal timetable with clear instructions and activities which engage my son. This is in spite of continual last minute u-turns and policies by the government. 
2. Not only are they organized, dedicated and creative, they also seem to do this with calm and patience. Of particular note is the tone of humour which keeps boys and parents spirits lifted in the emails by Mr Rumbsy. 
3. Indeed, not only have they done all of the above but they have supported my son through the stress of the uncertainty of exams (he sits his GCSE's this year) having first of all not been cancelled, and then cancelled but with no idea of how the assessments will actually be done. I myself have not been able to do that but my son is confident his teachers will ensure he has everything he needs to reach his potential if he puts the work in. 
I hope this small irritation at the organisation of my son's school will be acted on.