Headmaster's Message 29th January

Dear Anselmian parents and students,
I hope that you are well and thank you for your efforts in support of the College. We have now completed a month of Remote Learning and have certainly made some progress in ensuring continuity of education in 2021. There is no prospect of an immediate return to teaching and learning on site but at least we have had some guidance from the Prime Minister with a possible return to school, probably staggered and for some Year groups only, from 8th March. We have also been promised 2 weeks notice for any return. Our onsite Covid Lateral Flow Testing system is now well-established and we are confident that we will be able to fulfil our public health responsibilities when the boys return en masse. Our advice from Public Health Wirral is that the local situation is slowly beginning to improve.
It is essential that all students attend remote lessons in accordance with their timetables and complete assignments as instructed. This can be monitored by you on Show My Homework and Microsoft Teams and is checked by the teaching staff. As part of our quality assurance procedure we are sending our parental and student surveys. Please complete and return them as we value your feedback.
Year 11 Reports, including Mock Exam results and information regarding entry to our 6th Form, have been posted home.
The Year 10 Exams which were originally scheduled for February have been re-scheduled for May in order to ensure that the boys have a meaningful and thorough challenge which will support their progress. The dates of the Y11 and Y13 Mock Exams in March will be amended to later in the term/Spring once we know when these Year groups are returning to onsite teaching.
After the online Year 8 GCSE Options Evening last week we are holding our Year 8 Parents Evening on School Cloud on 3rd February. This is our first online Parents Evening and invitations to make appointments with Subject Teachers and Mr Diaz, Head of Year 8, have been emailed home. If you have any issues you wish to raise with Mr Rumsby (Curriculum and Options), Mrs Cubbin (Pastoral) or I (Strategic/the rest!) please contact Mr Diaz and he will inform us. The system appears surprisingly easy to use(!). If it proves successful we will use it for other Parents Evenings this year.
All Form Teachers are holding at least 1 weekly Form Time and Heads of Year are delivering weekly Assemblies. As part of our pastoral support we are incorporating sessions on Wellbeing into them. Next week's theme is "Dealing with Anxiety".
Please look out for my January Newsletter that will be sent out next week.
This weekend the Catholic Church observes an annual Day of Special Prayer for Racial Justice, another highly topical issue. The College has always been a bastion of Racial Justice and will continue to be one.
I wish you and your families a relaxing weekend and pray that you stay safe and well.
Yours in Christ,
Simon Duggan