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College Governance

Full Governing Body


Governors Role

Appointed /

End of Term
Mr John Greaves Chair September 2015 August 2019
Mrs Pam Green Vice-Chair September 2017 August 2021
Mr Chris Cleugh   August 2017 July 2021
Mr Damian McDonald   September 2015 August 2019
Mr Tony Nelson   September 2015 August 2019
Br Martin O’Flaherty   April 2017 Stepped down May 2018
Prof Charles Mills   October 2017 September 2021
Dr John Oates   September 2016 August 2020
Mr Neil Turner   August 2017 July 2021
Mr Adrian Whiteley   October 2017 September 2021
Mr Alan Wood   September 2015 August 2019
Mr William Iveson Associate Governor August 2017 Stepped down August 2018
Mrs Andrea Gaunt Associate Governor October 2018 September 2020
Mr Michael Redfearn Associate Governor August 2017 July 2021
Mrs Pat Young Associate Governor September 2015 Retired August 2018
Mrs Denise Lynch Parent Governor November 2016 September 2020
Mrs Emma McNamara Parent Governor November 2016 September 2020
Mrs Diana O’Connor Parent Governor November 2016 September 2020
Mr Simon Duggan Staff Governor ex officio  
Mr Colin Hawksworth Staff Governor October 2017 September 2021
Ms Jacqueline Kane Staff Governor November 2018 October 2022
Mr Ben Swan Staff Governor January 2017 Left St Anselm’s Aug 2018
Cllr. George Davies Local Authority Governor September 2018 August 2022

In addition to the Governors’ our Members are;
The Congregation of Christian Brothers
Br B D Sassi
Br P J G Gordon
Mr J Greaves



  • Wednesday 10th October 2018
  • Thursday 21st March 2019
  • Thursday 13th June 2019

Governors attendance 2018-19

Governors attendance 2017-18


Main committees


Sub committees

Membership no less than three Governors from the FGB, including Associate Governors when available.
The Headmaster will be in attendance.