500 Club

Join the FOSA 500 Club

We are delighted to invite you to be part of FOSA 500 club. It costs just £5 per month to purchase a number, and members can purchase as many numbers as they wish. You could win a cash prize every month. Even if you don’t win, your £5 will help improve the boys’ College. 50% of the money raised becomes the prize fund and 50% is used by FOSA to support and improve the boys’ College life! Numbers will be drawn monthly at the FOSA meetings. The winners names will be put on the College website and social media pages (currently Facebook and Twitter).

It could not be easier to join. Simply fill in and return this short membership application form below via the College office FAO Rob Hardman. These will be kept by the FOSA 500 club and used in correspondence relating to the club.

Application Form and Standing Order Form


FOSA 500 Club winners:

February 2019
1st £167.50 Claire Salvatore
2nd £55.50 Mark Lyon
3rd £55.50 Anne Bird
November 2018
1st £169.50 P Williams Nicholls
2nd £56.50 Victoria Whitehead
3rd £56.50 Ian Braithwaite
October 2018
1st £174 Teresa Hodges
2nd £58 F & R Hill
3rd £58 J H Greenbank
July 2018
1st £183 J H Greenbank
2nd £60 Philip Leonard
3rd £60 C E Allkins
June 2018
1st  £183 John Richardson
2nd £61 J Mathew
3rd  £61 Sam Alderson
May 2018 
1st  £183 Ronan Kearney
2nd  £61 Robert Hardman
3rd  £61 Charles Bryant
April 2018
1st  £186 Helen Allsop
2nd  £62 R F McGregor
3rd  £62 Nigel St John
March 2018
1st  £177 PT Keilty
2nd  £59 DT & JM Harte
3rd  £59 M Caton
N.B. the prize money has increased with the additional number of participants.