Yr6 --> Yr7 Transition Information

May 2020
Dear Parents and Year 7 students,
Welcome to St Anselm’s College. My name is Mrs Cubbin, I am the Pastoral Deputy Head Teacher responsible for behaviour, welfare and safeguarding.
Here at St Anselm’s we pride ourselves in the pastoral care that we provide for each and every student. Our aim is treat each student as unique recognising their God given talents, nurturing them throughout their College life, ensuring they reach their full potential. We understand that the transition process can be a worrying time for you and your son, and we do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.
We understand that this year is very different to previous years in that your son will not be able to take part in his Induction Day in July, however we are planning a range of new and creative ways for your son to still have the opportunity to meet his form teacher and familiarise himself with the College before starting in September. Further details will be sent to you in due course. In addition to the information included in the ‘Student Handbook’ here are a few other key points that you may find useful before you join us.
The Year 7 Pastoral Team:
Our Year 7 pastoral team has a wealth of experience in preparing and supporting students during this transition stage. Mrs Evans is the Head of Year 7 and together with five fantastic experienced Form Teachers make up the Year 7 pastoral team. Your son’s form teacher is the first point of contact if you have any issues or concerns. You will be provided with your son’s form teachers’ email and contact details before September.
Other Key Information:
Please ensure that you complete the ‘Pupil Information Form’ regarding emergency contacts, addresses, email and information relating to any medical needs that your son may have. This will be sent to you by Ms Madden in due course. If any of your details including emails or addresses change throughout the year, please notify us immediately.
The College Day:
Students are expected to be making their way onsite from 8.35am and be at their form rooms by 8.40am. Morning registration takes place between 8.45 and 9.00am. We have two lessons then break time – two lessons then lunchtime. Your son may wish to bring in a packed lunch or purchase his lunch from the dining hall. Please note that chewing gum and energy drinks in any form are not allowed they will be confiscated, and a sanction imposed. Following lunch, we have pm registration and then two further lessons then home time at 3.30pm. There are a number of buses that serve the local community and there are two public buses operated by Mersey travel the 611 and 612 that stop at College. These are not school buses and there will be no staff travelling with the boys. If you have any concerns regarding buses, please contact Mersey travel the routes for these are available on their website.
We consider homework to be a vital part of your son’s learning. In College homework is recorded via the Show My Homework APP, both parents and students are expected to access this daily. The app allows you to see the homework that has been set and submission date. Students will receive a homework timetable during their first week. If there are any problems in completing homework parents or students should inform the relevant teacher as soon as possible. Any student who fails to complete homework or fails to complete it to an acceptable standard will be required to attend ‘Study Hall’ detention that day for 30mins during lunchtime.
At the College students wear their uniform with pride. Uniform requirements are outlined in the Year 7 Student Handbook in your pack. Students must wear black office style shoes. Black trainer type shoes are not allowed.
With regards to haircuts, students should not have their hair shaved less than a grade 3, fringes below the eyebrow or hair below the collar is not acceptable. Certainly, we do not want steps or patterns. Coats must be plain black or navy, please avoid branded or very expensive coats for obvious reasons.
It is vital that you label everything, even shoes. When students go off site for their games sessions there will be 160 students getting changed at the same time. Year 7 boys are usually around the same size and so one pair of black school shoes look like the next.
For Health and Safety reasons we ask boys not to carry their bags to and from lessons as the corridors get busy during the change of lesson. We do provide them with a locker, but they need to provide two keys – one for themselves and one for their form tutor to keep should they lose theirs.


Plastic zipped wallets are very helpful in getting the boys into good habits when packing their bags. We suggest you purchase three wallets – one for the first two lessons, one for lessons three and four and one for last two lessons. It makes their time at the lockers more efficient as they only need to swap their zipped wallets.

Mobile Phones:
We understand the safety benefits of your son having a mobile phone during their journey to and from College but would advise that they are switched off in College, preferably left in their zipped blazer pocket. Phones are allowed on the yard at break and lunchtime however if a phone is seen after the bell on the corridor or in a lesson then it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the week provided a letter is sent in from a parent/carer. Refundable Lockers are available for storing personal belongings during PE/Games.
Monitoring Behaviour for Learning:
In lessons students may hear their teacher using language such as Chance, Choice and Consequence when dealing with issues relating to behaviour for learning. The aim of this strategy is to allow students to reflect on their own behaviour and the impact it is having on their progress and the progress of other students. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. If the student fails to make the right choice a consequence will be issued depending on the action. Behaviour Points will be issued for all consequences. Heads of Year & Form teachers will monitor and track the number of points each student accumulates. Parents will be given regular updates when students have received debits and may be invited into the College to discuss their child’s behaviour.
We firmly believe in recognizing outstanding effort and progress in all aspects of College life. Students have the opportunity to be recognized for their outstanding behaviour for learning, attendance and contribution to extra-curricular activities. Students can be awarded on a daily, weekly and termly basis.
Students may be awarded one Achievement Point each lesson, depending on the number of Achievement Points accumulated students will receive an achievement pin – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once a half term one student from each year group will receive the ‘Headmasters Award’ which will be presented over breakfast with the Headmaster. You will also have the opportunity to share in your son’s achievements at our Annual Participation Rewards Ceremony which takes place at the end of each academic Year. Further details on Sanctions and Rewards can be found in the ‘Year 7 Student Handbook” in your pack and the online “Behaviour Policy” found on the College Website.
Attendance and Punctuality:
Each student has an attendance and punctuality target of 100%. Should your son become unwell and need to be absent from College we ask that you call the absence line every day and provide a written note upon their return for our records. In keeping with other Wirral Schools, the College is closed for 13 weeks’ holiday per year. Parents should therefore NOT book holidays during term time as this will prove detrimental to their sons’ education. You may be issued with a fixed penalty notice. The DfE guidance on term time holidays is on the College Website.
Transition to secondary school is a huge step for many students, some students settle very quickly others take it at their own pace. Our role as parents and teachers it to ensure that we help our students to develop the resilience and independence needed for a very successful future. If you have any questions, please do consult the ‘Student Handbook’ in your pack or contact Mrs Evans or myself.
We look forward to meeting you and your son,
Yours sincerely,


Mrs S. Cubbin   scubbin@st-anselms.com


Mrs C. Evans   cevans@st-anselms.com